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Troubleshoot: Templates or dashboard will not load

In case something doesn't work or if you are experiencing loading issues, try the following solutions in the listed order:

Step 1. Perform a hard refresh

From your Kickly browser tab in Chrome, Edge or Firefox, you can do a hard refresh by holding the ⌘ Cmd and ⇧ Shift and then pressing R (on Mac). If on a Windows device, the shortcut to hard refresh a page is CTRL + F5.

In Safari hit ⌥ + Cmd + E then click the refresh button on the address bar or press Cmd + R.

Perform this action several times in a row to exclude the possibility of bad cached data.

Step 2. Log out then log in back

Log out by finding the Log out option in the left menu, bottom part of the screen. Then you can log in back by entering your email address and password or by using Google or Facebook authentication.

How to log out from Kickly

Step 3. Open Kickly in the Incognito (private) mode and/or in a different browser

If logging out and then logging in again did not resolve the problem, try accessing Kickly using the private browsing mode to exclude the possibility of browser extensions blocking the platform. Find instructions on how to open an Incognito browser tab in a few commonly used browsers:

Google Chrome
The easiest way to open an Incognito window is with the keyboard shortcut combination Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows) or Command-Shift-N (macOS). Another way is to click on the menu on the upper right - it's the three vertical dots - and select New Incognito Window from the list.

To open a Private Window on Safari, users can do a three-key combination of Command-Shift-N. Otherwise, a window can be called up by selecting the File menu and clicking on New Private Window.

Mozilla Firefox
From the keyboard, a private browsing session can be called up using the combination Ctrl-Shift-P (Windows) or Command-Shift-P (macOS).

Microsoft Edge
First, make sure you're in an Edge window. The keyboard combination of Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows) or Command-Shift-N (macOS) opens an InPrivate window.

Step 4. Clear site data in your browser

This step can resolve issues 80-90% of the time. Instructions on how to do this are different depending on your web browser:

Clear site data in Chrome or Edge

Go to and open the Developer tools of your browser (Command + Option + I on Mac, Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows).
Choose the tab Application > Storage. You will see the blue button Clear site data.​ Click the button and this should remove any data of Kickly saved in your Chrome or Edge browser so you could start a new working session.

Developer tools in Chrome or Edge

Clear site data in Safari

Open the Safari menu in your system menu bar, and select Preferences (Command + , on Mac).
In the Privacy section, select Manage Website Data.
Search for "Kickly", select it, and then click Remove All.

Manage website data in Safari

Step 5. Report your issue

If none of these troubleshooting methods work, feel free to contact us via the live chat located at the bottom right of each page. Let us know what troubleshooting steps you tried and attach screenshots or short videos if possible. We'll be happy to help you!

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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