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How do I replace my own photo in an existing design?

Option 1. Add your own photo by replacing an existing image

When using a Kickly free account, we recommend that you add your own photos by replacing existing images in a template. This will ensure that the layout of your template remains intact, and that photo settings are preserved. To do so, follow these steps:

Open a template from the left hand side. Make sure the template doesn’t have a “Pro” badge in the top right corner.

Once the template is open, simply click the image or the logo you want to replace.

A sidebar will appear on the left. Hit Replace.

Upload an image from your computer or choose one from the most recent uploads.

Voilà! The new image will appear over the previous one while maintaining its properties.

Option 2. Duplicate existing layers, then add photos (on desktop only)

You can add additional images to a template by duplicating existing image layers, then adding your new images to those new layers:

Click on an image or a logo on a template.

On the left sidebar, click Duplicate.

A copy of the image will appear on top of all layers. From that point, you can replace the existing photo by following steps from option 1.

Updated on: 21/01/2024

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