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How to change colors in a template?

Changing colors in the free plan

Editing colors in the free plan is only possible through color schemes. Each template has a color scheme consisting of up to 6 colors, each linked with specific elements from that template — backgrounds, shapes, texts, etc.

Open the template you want to edit.
Locate the color palette in the bottom right corner of each template.
You can enter a specific color code or choose a color manually from the palette.

Advanced color editing (available in paid plans)

The Kickly Pro plans unlock more advanced color-scheme editing features, including the ability to add new colors and remove existing ones, unlink a specific element from a color scheme, and more.

Add a new color to the palette

Locate the palette at the bottom-right of your screen.
Click the "+" option.
You've added a new color to the palette.
Check out the next section to learn how to link specific texts or vectors to this color.

Assign a new color to a text layer or vector

By default, texts and vectors in a template are assigned specific colors from the palette. There can be multiple layers attached to a single color, so if the color is changed, every layer attached to it will receive that change.

Follow these steps to assign a different color scheme to an existing layer:

Click on the text or object you want to color.
In the color palette at the bottom, click on the color option you want to assign.
Choose from one of the following types: Main, Border or Back color.
Success. A new color has been assigned to the text layer.

The advanced color-scheme editing features are only available in the desktop version. In mobile devices, only the basics of coloring are available.

Updated on: 05/05/2023

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